Since its inception, Wicklow Uplands Council has initiated and participated in projects and partnerships which bring value to the people, who live, work and recreate in the Wicklow Uplands


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Vegetation Management

Throughout Ireland as in Wicklow, traditional hill sheep farming is in decline. Coupled with this has been the rise in the extent of unregulated burning

PURE Project

The PURE project is a regional partnership initiative which aims to combat illegal dumping and fly tipping in the Wicklow/ Dublin region

Village Interpretative Panels

Wicklow Uplands Council is an independent voluntary organisation representing over 50 diverse member groups and individuals in the Wicklow Uplands

Outdoor Recreation

Over the last ten years, Wicklow Uplands Council has initiated and participated in a number of projects to improve and manage the recreational use of the Wicklow countryside

Rural Security

There is a general sense in the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands that the security situation is deteriorating and rural crime is widespread and on the increase

Winter Weather

Consistent low temperatures and repeated incidents of snow, resulted in the County Council focusing their limited resources on keeping primary routes open